The Nature Forte gallery opened its doors to the public in March 2023.  

Initiated by the photographer Jonk, it highlights the work of artists showing the force of nature.  

In parallel with the opening of the gallery, Jonk launched the concept of Nature Forte. He wants to make it an artistic genre in its own right, like landscape, portrait or still life. Any artistic creation whose purpose is to show the force of nature, relative to Man or not, can be found in this concept. These creations can be the result of any type of artistic activity: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, illustration... 

Jonk is the first artist exhibited at the gallery. Photographer of abandoned places taken over by nature, his series Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins raises a fundamental question: that of the place of Man on Earth and his relationship with Nature. While the impact of Man on his environment has never been so strong, it also and above all seeks to raise awareness, without being pessimistic. The message is that nature is stronger and, whatever happens to Man, it will always be there.

He will soon be joined by other artists over the coming months. 

All have the same ambition: show the strength of nature and raise awareness. 

The project is huge! 

How to come to the gallery?

Galerie Nature Forte
27 rue Jacques Louvel-Tessier
75010 Paris

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm and by appointment

Access by subway

Access by bus